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Wasp Auto CP RTF 7Ch RC Helicopter With One Key Auto Inversion


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The Wasp Auto CP remote control helicopter has a very unique feature. Hit the invert button on the transmitter during flight and the helicopter will flip itself over automatically and start flying upside down! Now even a beginner can perform inverted flight with ease thanks to this clever invention from Skyartec.


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Wasp Auto CP RTF 7Ch RC Helicopter With One Key Auto Inversion

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The Auto CP also features the fantastic Skyartec 3-axis gyro which is one of the best on the market. This clever system automatically corrects any unwanted movement on any of the three axis so effectively acting like an autopilot. So if for example you are flying outdoors and there is a gust of wind the 3-axis gyro will automatically keep the helicopter stable allowing you to focus on enjoying the flight rather than having to constantly correct. The CP stands for collective pitch meaning that when you apply throttle the blades automatically angle upwards to give much greater lift and also allows for the inverted flight. You can be enjoying flying your helicopter within minutes of opening the box as it comes fully built ready to go with everything included. This is a highly configurable, long range transmitter with nice LCD programming display that you will be able to use with other models in the future.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Skyartec
Build RTF
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushed
Blades Single Blade
Channels 6 Ch
  • Battery: 3.7V 240mah Li-Po
  • Model Length: 225mm
  • Model Height: 76mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 240mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 36mm
  • Flying Weight: 48g
  • Transmitter: 7CH LCD 2.4GHz
  • Unique one key automatic switchover helps beginner to accomplish advanced acrobatic flight
  • 3-axis gyro and fly-barless system provides advanced stability
  • Bundled with high quality 7Ch 2.4Ghz LCD transmitter
  • The fuselage is make with strong and durable plastics
  • High standard of configuration allows you to perform tricks at even low flying levels
  • USB charging cable allows to charge by computer or wall charger
Required To Use
  • 8 x AA Batteries for the transmitter

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Customer Reviews

Excellent and strong! Review by Jordan
Delivery Speed
Fun Factor
Top notch on all degrees. It's small, it's light, its battery lasts quite a long time, it flies well in 3D and can survive a nasty crash with a bit of easy repair.

Strength: Extremely strong. Frame will give way (crack) and literally pop out parts that are under extreme stresses. Example: the tail boom holder cracked and let the tail boom free so the tail was fine and wasn't snapped or damaged. Pop it back in place and it's perfectly fine to fly again. To remove the crack, just use a dab of super glue.

Agility: I'm new to 6ch helicopters and it's definitely a step up from 4ch and quads. The power is UNREAL. It's also got very good receiver distance and the gyro keeps everything nice and steady against wind. Going from 6 axis gyro to 3 axis did throw me off a bit though.

3D capability: This chopper (believe it or not) is **VERY** capable of 3D. Just dive into the transmitter's settings, increase the D/R (dual rate) to 75%+ and it'll have no problem flipping over. You may want to customise your pitch curve though because the negative pitch was quite shallow for stock. For some reason, my model didn't come with that "auto inversion switch" and I'm glad it didn't! Learning the proper way is always better.

Battery charge: The chopper comes with a USB wall plug to use with a usb charger, and that can supply quite a bit of current. If you use a 1 to 5 way splitter, you can simultaneously charge 5 batteries at once! But it'll obviously take longer and the battery's must all be flat. The chopper can last around 10 minutes in normal mode (with the right set up) and around 5 in idle-up. Not bad for 240mAh.

Faults: There are 2 faults with this but I think they can easily be solved.

Issue One: the servos are unbelievably delicate. I've already stripped my front servo and I need to get it replaced. £10 for a single servo is quite steep, but I don't think there are metal gear 2g servos around. It's also irritating that these servos are 5pin instead of the regular 3 pin.

Issue Two: I'm not sure what's causing this, but if you hold your cyclic in any direction, the servos don't move there quickly. They move around 3/4 the way fast, then go really slowly for the other 1/4. Letting go of the cylic also warrants the same problem. This can cause issues while flying because the response time is massively reduced.

Overall: The 2 faults are nothing compared to how great this chopper really is. I love it to bits! Quite literally, I've already broke a pair of blades and the tail boom holder haha.

Definitely recommend for intermediate-advanced pilots. Not for the faint hearted that are just starting out because it'd be too responsive. Anyone who has experience on quads or 4ch helicopters (single rotor) should be able to jump straight onto this chopepr, but I'd recommend a slightly bigger one because of how squirrelly the smaller ones are. For the rest of you, I suggest you download a simulator and practice! Aerofly RC7 does a good job, so I recommend that.

One thing though.. It has dual rates, but no dual rates switch or knob.. But there are knob/switches on the side that do nothing on the transmitter. What's that about? Can it be used for your rates? Who know.

Happy flying! (Posted on 28/11/2014)

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Posted by Carson Brown, Friday, 2 November 2018 on product Wasp Auto CP RTF 7Ch RC Helicopter With One Key Auto Inversion


Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the maximum payload that this drone can carry? I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me the weight in grams. Thank you!


  • Posted by Sales 1 on Friday, 2 November 2018
    Hello - thank you for your question. This helicopter is a small inversion helicopter. It is not built to hold heavy weights. My apologies if this causes you any inconvenience.
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